Friday, July 27, 2012

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Highlights of Camino Convocation 2012

Dr. Bill Lawrence gave beautiful messages - definitely a highlight of Camino Convocation
Now to just put them into practice in our daily lives....

A new president installed, Doug Livingston. What a blessing to see not only fellow "gringos" up there praying for him and his wife, but fellow Latinos! We are GLOBAL now, Camino Global, working side by side with our Latino brothers and sisters.

Quite a task getting so many people in one photo! Yes, I'm there - it's anyone's guess where!

Lots of humor.

The absolute best humorous moment was when our new president was about to speak.
Suddenly Whitney Huston blasted us with I will love you always (I think I got that title right)
as two very large bodyguards (Jim Eberline and Tim Nelson) with dark glasses and radios 
placed themselves in front of our president, carefully guarding him.
I don't know how they kept a straight face!!
And I'm wondering if Doug knew about this beforehand!

A challenge by our outgoing president, Dan Wicher.
His humility and love for the Lord brought tears to my eyes.
May God bless him and Sue richly as they continue serving the Lord. 

Affinity groups (workshops?)  on subjects of great interest to all of us.
Here Jenny Adams leads us in a discussion on women's ministry.
I wanted to attend all the groups - we all did,
so we will be receiving the outlines of all the groups - 
that will be so helpful.

Amazing scenery at the YMCA camp as well as Rocky Mountain National Park.
I've already shown you some pictures - this is just an example of
God's amazing handiwork.

A gift from our Latino hermanos, presented to Doug Livingston by Gustavo Sosa.
It is made out of a coffee tree trunk, and as you can see, it pictures a humble coffee grower. It was made in Costa Rica which was the original field of ministry for Central America Mission back in 1891. The mission has gone from initially reaching into coffee-growing Costa Rica to now developing a coffee enterprise to fund missions ministry via Honduran coffee and the ministry called Hope Coffee.

No words needed!

And there were LOTS of them!
Here are the teens after presenting us with some very creative skits
The Y provided a fantastic program for the younger kiddos.
Everyone had a ball - I know my grandkids Cameron and Dayton did!

Amazing music and worship time with Dick and Mel Tunney.
Wow!! Could Dick make that keyboard sing!
They were a special blessing to me!

That barely touches the surface!
How about seeing dear friends from our Candidate school back in '67?
(Gene and Sylvia Lambright and Charlie and Coral Nelson)

How about earing fascinating stories told by Helen Ekstrom? She's been serving
with CAM for 61 years. She and Dave her husband (who is now in heaven) were one of the very first
couples Ken and I knew with CAM - how they encouraged us!

Not really believing Vilma Ramaly is the age she claims to be - she looks so young!!
And Marievelia Berger claims she's over 70 - hard to believe
Beautiful ladies not just physically, but in every way!

Rooming with Harriet Bouchillon - it's been a long time since we worked
together with our husbands in Guadalajara! What sweet memories!

Gathering with my long-distance team...
Rich and Sara Musgrave now in Nebraska...
Dennis and Sharon Kirsher in Canada....
Paul and Grace Becker now in Illinois....
and me in San Juan del Rio, Mexico!

OK, lots more highlights, but that's enough for now!

As our hermano from Mexico said, "See you next year!

I wish!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Caminoglobal Convocation glimpses

First glimpse of good things to come! This VW bug was displayed at the airport in Denver - it is completely covered with beads, made by the Huichol Indians of Mexico. The beaded work of the Huichol folks is simply amazing!

Caminoglobal shuttled us to the YMCA Rocky Mountain Park. What an amazing place! Here are a few glimpses of what we're enjoying this week.

 Dick and Melodie Tunney shared in worship. What a beautiful time we had each day!

De. William Lawrence shared from God's Word. What a blessing, encouragement and sometimes rebuke!
Thank you, Dr. Lawrence!

Yesterday Bethie, Dayton and I escaped to the little town of Estes Park to see Ice Age 4 at a beautiful, historic theater, founded in 1917. The movie was fun - not a lot of redeeming value to it, but fun!

Today Alan, Beth, Harriet Bouchillon and I took a trip to Rocky Mountain National Park. Incredible sights! We snapped so many pictures - my camera isn't the best and doesn't do justice to the scenery, but here are some glimpses anyway!

Glimpse of a fire up on one of the ridges! A helicopter was in sight and the rangers were doing their job to contain it, which I believe they managed to do successfully.

Didn't see many animals. Here a marmot (?) posed for us.

My guess is, the water's cold!!

See the folks hiking on the glacier? 

I suspicion that someone has fed this chipmunk in the past! He was just TOO friendly!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Lego Club

The library at Chesterton has a Lego Club! So cool! Once a month as the kiddos arrive they hear what the theme is, and get to work!

Elia shows off her creation....

Mikey shows off his creation that won a prize this month!!

Josie explains her creation to Papi...

Just to give you an idea of what they have to work with!

Sound like fun?

If you're age 6 to 10, come on over! Join the fun!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Smokey's, picnic style

A favorite: Smokey's! They have the BEST pulled pork and their side orders are

wonderful! Baked beans, potato salad, parsley'd potatoes and cole slaw - yum!!

We headed there today, but, since it's very small (5 tables, 14 chairs) 

and our gang consisted of 5 adults and 8 kids, and all but one table were already occupied, 

we decided to


We found a table at the Lakeshore parking lot and had us a feast!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

What's for lunch?

At the Livovich home, we can always count on unusual meals. The salad was last night's dinner
Lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes, cheese, kohlrabi, cucumbers, sesame seeds, hard boiled eggs, I think that's all!

And lunch today? Well, can you tell what Kris, Lluvia and Elia are making here?
TAMALES, of course!
Black bean and goat cheese tamales!
Goes great with papaya, tortilla chips (the REAL El Ranchero ones), home made and just-made green salsa 
and jamaica to drink


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

So many cousins!

 Speaking of cousins: Ken and Kris' cousin Ruth stopped by! She lives in Washington state and was visiting her mom in Chicago. She is Ken's brother Dave's daughter. On their way to Michigan, they stopped by. How fun to see Ruth and her daughter Grace, her mom Mary and her sister Mary Lou and hubby Ken!
 Oberweis! Delicious ice cream and loads of fun with cousins!

 One night was just TOO HOT up in the kiddo's room for sleeping, so the cousins camped out on the living room floor! Yes, they DID get some sleep! At 11 I peeked out at them - Del was still talking - I'm not sure who to, because everyone else was sound asleep!

Chicago! Millennial Park! The fountain towers were so fun! There's water down underfoot, there's water up there spraying on us, there's just water everywhere. Great way to keep cool on a hot day! We forgot our swimsuits, but oh well!

And if the towers aren't spraying enough, just lay down and get GOOD and wet!

Next stop was The Bean! It has another name, but is known as The Bean! 

Here's what you see if you go under The Bean and look up.

Here's what The Bean looks like from a distance. Hence, the nickname!

Soaking wet and all lined up!

From there we headed to Cemitas Puebla, a very favorite Mexican restaurant. The cemitas are just wonderful, the tacos arabes asre fantastic, the tacos are yummy, the horchata is delicious. And of course I got NO pictures! Cousin Nita Beran as well as Esme's parents, who all live in Chicago, joined us, so we had quite a party!

We're going to miss all this fun! But wow! What fantastic memories!!