Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pillows for a good cause

I just finished making 16 pillows. Now, I don't mean the pretty, frilly, fancy, decorative ones something like these.

I mean small, simple, quick, easy, sometimes silly ones like these.


And I didn't make them just for fun, no, it was for a good cause. Two years ago at our women's retreat, someone suggested we make pillows as one of our crafts, again, not just for fun, but for a good cause - our comfort! Our Camp Koinonia is quite rustic and for our sessions we sit on cold, hard stone! Yes, stone! So pillows it was! In just one day we made 57 pillows. But of course that wasn't enough! We had 100 ladies last year. Those that were lucky enough to get a pillow, were grateful, but what about those who didn't get one? 

So, I made 16 more today. 57 + 16 = 73. My friend Heather said she'd make 16.
73 + 15 = 88. Getting there! I have 19 more already cut out.
88 + 19 = 107! But of course they're not made yet! Maybe next month I'll make them.

We decided not to have this as a craft this year, because we have so many other fun ideas! But the ladies will be so happy to see lots more pillows for their comfort on May 18, 19 and 20!

Just an anecdote about our pillows: Another group was renting the camp for their weekend retreat and asked about "those pillows" that we had made. Could they borrow them? At that moment, the pillows were safely hidden on the stop shelf of my closet. As hidden as 57 pillows can be! Nope, they weren't available to borrow! Can you imagine how long our precious pillows would last if we loaned them out to other groups?? We're not being greedy (I don't think!), just careful of our hard-earned property! If other groups want pillows, they're easy to make - we'll gladly give them lessons if they'd like! Monica is giving sewing lessons at our community outreach center and the cost is minimal!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Wanderer

Yesterday Dayton told me he had to write a book report on The Wanderer, by Sharon Creech. I don't know what he wrote in his report, but he did let me borrow the book, since he'd already read it! What a fun read! It's "an adventure-filled story of a courageous girl's journey across the ocean and into the memories of her past." Enjoyed it! I'm sure if you have a 8 or 9 or 10 or 11 or 12 year old in your house, they'd enjoy it as well!

Sunday, March 18, 2012


At my church each month a different person is in charge of the Cunero Class. That is the class for 0-5 year olds that meets while someone is up front preaching. We meet in a small room off to the side of the "sanctuary" - our church is very rustic, so I use that word loosely! (Cuna means crib and stands for the very little kiddos.)

Today there were 16 wigglers in my class.The small room suddenly became smaller!! 4 of them were OVER 5, but that's beside the point - I really, really can't chase them out - especially if they're visitors! Yolanda helps me and is wonderful with the very little ones while I try to teach. Teen ager Briana is supposed to be my helper, but doesn't do a lot, although she's good with the kids when it comes to the handwork time.

Class was short and sweet, then we did handwork - my "handwork" is a page to color! It has the subject of the lesson, plus the verse we're learning this month. That's my BEST handwork, trust me! The kids seem to enjoy it, so guess I'll keep doing it! Then we have animal crackers and juice - they of course love that! The little ones meantime, are playing with Play Dough with Yolanda, making a huge mess. Ah well!

Tell the truth, we had fun this morning! The kids are SOOOOOO cute! One more week, then it's someone else's turn!

Friday, March 2, 2012


Mary Higgins Clark has had me riveted to a book AGAIN! "The Anastasia Syndrome and other stories" isn't a new book, and the first story was somehow familiar (I think it was made into a movie or I read it somewhere else). But wow! She can weave a good tale!! The story called The Lucky Day reminded me so much of O'Henry. It begins with a premonition of imminent danger and ends with....well, you'll have to read it! The book has been around awhile (1989), so you could probably find it at a Resale - at least that's where I found it!


It's definitely summer here in San Juan del Rio - as of a couple days ago! You'd think I'd get used to it going from winter to summer overnight, but I never do! Three days ago I was wearing three layers (especially at the REFRIGERATOR office where I work) and today I'm wearing T-shirt and pedal pushers (or whatever you call them), two nights ago I was snuggled under a thick wooly Mexican blanket and a thick comforter and last night I threw both of them off. I'm not complaining, understand! This hot weather is great! We get pretty warm walking though. But I make sure to walk on the "hombra" (sombra in Nicaraguan) side of the street instead on the "hol" (sol in Nicaraguan) side. Works pretty good, except between 12 and 3 when the "hol" is everywhere!

Am enjoying this beautiful weather and I hope wherever you are, it's nice weather too!