Friday, August 27, 2010

No Compromise

Today I finished reading an amazing book about an amazing man. No Compromise, The Life Story of Keith Green, is written by his widow Melody Green and his dear friend David Hazard.

* Did you know that Keith Green was only a Christian for seven years of his life?

* And did you know that he didn't live to see 30?

* Did you know that Melody Green was pregnant with their fourth child when he died?

* Did you know that 9 other people died in the plane crash with Keith and two of his

* Did you know that not only did Keith SING, he was an amazing preacher?

* Did you know that Keith and his wife Melody were HIPPIES of the HIPPIES before
coming to know Jesus?

* Did you know that Keith and Melody started a ministry called Last Days Ministry and it

I found Last Days Ministry on the internet just by writing in Keith Green. What an amazing man, no, what an amazing God we have who used Keith in such incredible ways and continues using his life, death and testimony for His glory. That's the way Keith would have wanted it.

Check it out! You won't regret it!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Which do you want, excellence or perfection? I loved this poem when I first read it and even translated it to Spanish to share with the gals here! It says a lot about what we desire: perfection or the BEST??

Author unknown

Excellence is willing to be wrong,
Perfection is being right.
Excellence is risk,
Perfection is fear.
Excellence is powerful,
Perfection is anger and frustration.
Excellence is spontaneous,
Perfection is control.
Excellence is accepting,
Perfection is judgment.
Excellence is giving,
Perfection is taking.
Excellence is confident,
Perfection is doubt.
Excellence is flowing,
Perfection is pressure.
Excellence is journey,
Perfection is destination.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It's just Peanut and me!

This afternoon Rachel, Vanessa and I took a bus to the airport and there I left them to head back home to Oregon. I'm sure they'll be glad to get home, although neither seemed overly excited to get back to their jobs! Such is life.

Their last few days here, we didn't do anything super exciting, but it was a great time. They did most of the cooking here at the house - and seemed to enjoy that! We went to Tequisquiapan for shopping and that's always fun! We checked out the pottery shops on the edge of the highway near San Juan and we ALL enjoyed that! I love going there and just "browsing." The girls got some nice items and I checked out several items I plan to go back for in a few days. They spent some time with Rosy, going shopping and just walking around town. We had a yummy curry and rice dinner with Paul and Grace Becker and enjoyed a fast-moving game of "Mind your manners!"

This morning we had breakfast at Calabria, one of our favorite breakfast spots. Here are the girls - one of the few pictures I took of them!

Vanessa on the left, Rachel on the right

The hot chocolate is as yummy as it looks!

So now it's just Peanut and me! This house is mighty quiet except when I have to say to Peanut, "Outside, girl!"

Friday, August 20, 2010

Tucker, Silas, Reuben and Annie

"You can sit here, no closer." Papa's orders

It was never hard to remember who Annie was - the girl of the family. That was a no-brainer. Reuben's easy because he stayed with us for a few days and is UNIQUE (and super cute!). But which one is Tucker and which one is Silas??? I finally figured it out. Go backwards in the alphabet and you can get it!! Tucker oldest, Silas next, Reuben third and don't forget that adorable #4, Annie! Naturally!

They did get a LITTLE closer, but not much! I was so busy taking pictures of the cute kids, that the waterfall . . . what waterfall? Oh, yes, it's there, you have to look good. It actually was amazing! And a totally amazing spot in God's creation.

This proves I climbed all the way up Peña de Bernal

Vanessa, Rachel and Dayton


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Answer to the riddle

I almost forgot, until you reminded me, Kris!

The answer is clear in the riddle.

It has not been seen...
It is on land, on sea, everywhere.

OK, OK, the answer is:


Tuesday, August 17, 2010


How about a riddle/poem today? I just read A String in the Harp by Nancy Bond and loved the riddle that was included in the story.

In the Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books, it says, about A String in the Harp, that it ..."deftly blends fantasy and realism." It also weaves a beautiful tale of family relationships."

I'm not a great lover of fantasy books, but I thoroughly enjoyed this book! And here's your riddle:

Guess Who It Is

Created before the flood.
A creature strong.
Without flesh, without bone.
Without veins, without blood,
Without head, and without feet.
It will not be older, it will not be younger
Than it was in the beginning.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

And it is as wide
As the face of the earth,
And it was not born,
And it has not been seen.
It, on sea, it, on land,
It sees not, it is not seen.

So, what is it? I'll see if I can find the answer, and let you know tomorrow.

Look out Guanajuato, here we come!

Yesterday, I drove to Guanajuato, taking along Rachel, Vanessa, Paul and Grace Becker. We of course, didn't know our way around in the city, one of the most fascinating in Mexico, but we figured we'd figure it out! Well, it was quite the adventure! We were doing fine, till we went down into the first tunnel (there are many in that city!), and made a wrong turn. Oops! We came up out of the tunnel into traffic that gives you nightmares (especially if you're driving). Narrow streets which fit just one car, and crowds and crowds of people walking, no way to turn around, no where to go but forward EXTREMELY slowly. We looked on our little map, figured out where we were (NOT WHERE WE'D PLANNED TO BE) and found another parking lot, but that street was blocked off for construction. We kept going. We saw our parking lot where we normally park, but of course it wasn't on the street we were on! It was below us - we waved as we went by! Suddenly I saw a parking lot, drove in - actually up a very steep ramp - and we left the car there, with directions to the historic center.

The adventure continued as we visited the great market, went on the tram up the mountain, saw the Guanajuato University, and stopped at a nice little restaurant to eat. Leaving town wasn't near as hard and we didn't get lost once. Oh, I forgot. We weren't lost, we were just "getting to know" Guanajuato! We got to know it from east to west and from north to south! Whew! I don't think I'll ever be able to do that again - and certainly hope I don't!!

But it was fun!!

Friday, August 13, 2010


Dayton turned 9 last Wednesday, but we celebrated last Sunday with a lot of his little friends. 10 kids and 9 adults - what a party! Here you see them trying to break each other's balloons!

Only two left! They both got a prize, since Dayton broke Silas' balloon by falling on top of Silas!

Ever play Frizbee Golf? You have to get the frizbee onto the numbered "hole", and sometimes the "hole" is up on a tree! The kids loved it and did amazingly well! What a fun, creative game! Even the littlest tykes could play!

Left over piñata heads are good for SOMETHING!

The cake??? Did you ask where the cake picture is?

Well, there is none!
Dayton didn't want a cake, just ice cream, so
ice cream WITHOUT cake we ate!
I didn't hear anyone complain,
and the birthday boy was happy!

A fun visit to Mexico City

Tuesday afternoon Bethie and I headed into Mexico City by bus. We took a taxi to our hotel and got settled in, then walked about the Zona Rosa (the area of Mexico City called the Pink Zone) looking for our fav - Papa John's. It was luscious as always. After a short night of rest, we headed to the airport at 5 AM the next day.

Rachel Racke, my great niece, and her friend Vanessa Lewis arrived right on time: 5:43. But no one was there to meet them! Yikes! What to do??? Well, Bethie and I were there, but at Terminal 2, not Terminal 1 where they were!! Rachel's mom told me she was arriving by Continental, but there didn't seem to be any Continental flights arriving anytime near 5:43 AM! Bethie and I finally decided I'd take the shuttle bus to Terminal 1 and she'd wait at Terminal 2! And sure enough, Rachel, Vanessa and I met up at Terminal 1. So, what went wrong??? Ruth failed to tell me that the particular Continental flight they were on was being operated by United - which, you guessed it! Arrives at Terminal 1! I'm SO GLAD Bethie went with me to meet them!! What would have happened otherwise - I don't even want to go there!

Back to the hotel for Rachel and Vanessa to sleep a couple hours, then we were off to see the sights! First the incredible Chapultepec Castle, then to the Alameda (a large park downtown), the Bellas Artes Theatre, the Latin American Tower, then to Sanborns. That's where we met up with Felix, my "Mexican nephew", for lunch. He talked a blue streak - I'm sure he's very lonely since the death of his mother earlier this year. We had a great time, then we were off again, this time to the Ciudadela, a fabulous artisan market. That's where this picture was taken. It's fuzzy, sorry. But you should see the one Felix took of the girls and me! Whew! So, I don't feel so badly - at least in this one you can "sort of" see the faces! Ha!

Vanessa, Felix, Bethie and Rachel

Felix then took us back to the hotel where we hit the sack at around 7:30 - at least three of us did, that is. I couldn't sleep that early! Instead I almost finished a fascinating book you may have heard of, The Scarlet Pimpernel! I've seen the movie several times, and you know what? The book is better! It's always that way, isn't it??

Thursday morning we still had lots to see and do. After breakfast at a nice Sanborns we saw along our walk, we headed to the north bus terminal where we left our luggage in storage. Then via the metro (subway) to the Basilica of Guadalupe. We didn't realize that this was pilgrimage month, so there were crowds and crowds of people there, each pilgrimage group with its distinctive T-shirt. From there we taxied back to the north bus terminal, and headed for San Juan.

What a great visit to our great city! We haven't done anything overly exciting since arriving home, unless you'd consider watching the movie Hook, or eating platanos, black beans and smoothies for breakfast, or having a great night's sleep, or enjoying tamales for supper, exciting!! We're looking forward to a fun two weeks with Rachel and Vanessa. What are our plans? Eating more tamales, a trip to the incredible city of Guanajuato, another trip to Bernal - the third largest rock formation in the world, a quick jaunt over to Tequisquiapan - a favorite shopping town, walking around the town of San Juan del Rio (our town isn't real exciting, but does have some fun stuff!), a game night with Paul and Grace Becker - my team mates, church on Sunday, a get together with other teens, a ladies' meeting at my house, and a lot of other good "unexciting" events!

Saturday, August 7, 2010


I just finished reading "Two-Part Invention" by Madeleine L'Engle. It was the fascinating story of her happy marriage to Hugh Franklin. It read like fiction, but is REAL! Did you know that Hugh was an actor? Did you know that MADELEINE is an actor?? I sure didn't! In fact, I didn't know anything about her till now! I highly recommend this book! Check it out!

Kids' Klub with team from New Jersey

Our sixth and last team left this morning, headed back to their home in New Jersey. The team consisted of 8 young people, the youth leader and his wife, and one older man, Richard - who related to the children as if he himself were a young person! It was obvious he loved them and was terrific with them. We enjoyed this team and were blessed with their presence with us.

Each afternoon half the team helped with the kids' club, held in Manuel and Maru's garage - tight quaters, but it was a wonderful success. Someone said that the total number of kids who came were 92 - not all the same day, thankfully! We had between 40-60 most days. I participated only in that I took Aracely and her daughter Karen to club, as well as one of the teachers, Rosy. I also helped a bit translating for the team, but basically just enjoyed watching our Mexican youth participate in teaching. They did a great job! I was proud of them!

Games were a challenge with so many kids in so small a space, but the kids didn't notice - they were just having a blast! Here, a "quiet" game going on!

The kids were so proud of their crafts. At first, it was hard for them to be creative - Mexican children are taught to do it "EXACTLY" as the teacher did his/hers, so were concerned when theirs didn't look EXACTLY the same. But after a bit of encouragement, they realized they could do it ANY way they wished, and that was super!

Our host, Manuel, has four children of his own, two of them teens. He loved the craft time, and got into it much more than the children did! I should have gotten a picture of him drawing, cutting, tearing, helping the little ones!

Janett "read" a couple stories and the kids loved them - so did I! She's an extremely quiet girl, but when she gets in front of the children, she totally comes alive!
It's wonderful to watch!

You can't end club without a party! A cake was brought it and everyone enjoyed a piece - or two! We also gave each child a stuffed animal and you'd think they'd died and gone to heaven! Wow!

After all the children had left, Manuel and Maru served pozole to all the teachers and helpers - and included me! What a great time we enjoyed together! Then, after eating, I gave a stuffed animal to each one of them! Wow! Another time of excitement and rejoicing! Such a small thing - a stuffed animal - but what joy it brought to our wonderful helpers!

And not just the helpers - everyone, including the men! And the teen boys were even more excited than the girls - it was amazing to watch them trying to decide which one they wanted! Actually, they wanted ALL of them, but rules are rules!! One!!

Ever try playing games in a garage with between 40 and 60 extremely lively kids? It's a challenge, that's for sure! But our team not only managed it, but gave the kiddos the time of their lives! Don't ask me what the name of this game is - it made no sense to me, but the kids LOOOVED it! There are several balls bouncing around there somewhere.

Monica, a good teacher!

Rosy was great with the songs - she adds "chispa" to them! Luis, her helper, made it fun for the kids and I think he had fun too! Other helpers here are Isel and Janett.

Who needs tables and lots of room to do handwork?? Gotta admit, it got a little (no, a lot!) chaotic at times, but the children are used to tight squeezes and chaos, so it worked out fine!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Smile

Sometimes while I'm walking to the Jornada Espiritual (Spiritual Journey) office for my work on the Obrerofiel web page, I see young ladies out sweeping front walks, or walking to their work as a maid, or whatever, and I always smile and say Buenos dias. At first they're a bit shocked, because "upper" class people (I'm UPPER CLASS????) don't usually even give the time of day to "lower class" (they're lower class????) people. Well, they don't know that for me there aren't classes, there are just people who need a smile.

One girl in particular now always smiles at me and tells me Buenos dias BEFORE I get a chance to! See what a smile can do? It made her day and it makes her day each time I see her. That's why I chose this poem - it makes my day.

This morning I saw my neighbor Estela and had a smile for her. PRAY that soon we can get together for "coffee" (tea or smoothie for me!) and to get better acquainted!

Author Unknown

A smile costs nothing, but gives much-

It takes but a moment, but the memory of it usually lasts forever.
None are so rich that can get along without it-
And none are so poor but that can be made rich by it.

It enriches those who receive, without making poor those who give-

It creates sunshine in the home,
And is the best antidote for trouble-
And yet it cannot be begged, borrowed, or stolen, for it is of no value
Unless it is given away.

Some people are too busy to give you a smile-
Give them one of yours-
For the good Lord knows that no one needs a smile so badly
As he or she who has no more smiles left to give.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy birthday Juan . . . and Nayelly . . . and Cristian!

Yesterday we were invited to a birthday picnic for Juan and his two children. Here´s Juan with Cristian. I´m not sure how old Cristian and Nayelly are - teens! Two of the nicest teens I know!

Nayelly. I´m guessing she got quite sunburned yesterday. I know Cristian did. When I gave him a birthday hug, he squealed a little from the pain - and his face was pretty red too! But I bet they´d both say it was worth it - what a fun party!

Carmen, Juan´s wife, went to pick up the cake at 4:30 and returned at 6! I can´t imagine why it took so long - we didn´t ask! She did say she stopped at Sam´s for soda pop - why anyone would go to Sam´s on a Saturday afternoon, I can´t imagine! Bethie and I were there at 8 AM and it was already crowded!

Some of Cristian and Nayelly´s special friends: Keegan, Rosy, Monica, Cameron next to Cristian, Aron, Josiah and Brianna.

Around 2:30 a young man showed up with his originally created "grill" and served us the most luscious tacos! Almost as good at Nishan's that we used to enjoy in Queretaro - almost!

Rosy, Ivonne and Talía. It´s the only picture I got of Talía - we call her Tali. She´s in the middle enjoying a taco. She´s a special gal. This morning she was at church, sitting next to Julio Jhaid, Ivonne´s 28 year old son. He introduced her first as a gal from Puebla who helped with the counseling at camp this summer and he ended with, "and she´s my novia (not just girlfriend, no quite engaged, but awful close!) Everyone in church let out a collective happy sigh! We´re so happy to see Julio with a special gal! She´s really sweet and we enjoyed getting to know her.

The water´s great! No chlorine, no lifeguards, just clean running, WARM water! I enjoyed getting in before the rest of the folks had come. The party started at 11 AM. I arrived at 12:15 and the only ones there were Cristian, his mom, his grandma and an aunt and uncle of his! So, we swam without any noisy ballgames for a good hour!

Today I´m very red! Of course I forgot the sunscreen! I´m thankful for Aloe and am slathering it on pretty heavy for a few days!

Tacos anyone?? He also made ¨gringas¨for those who requested them. First he´d put a handful of cheese on the grill, then place a flour tortilla on top, cook awhile, scrape it off the grill onto your plate and presto: a gringa! The green salsa was WOW! HOT! I found that out after slathering a bunch on my tacos! But it was also WOW! GOOD!

We won´t tell how many tacos Cameron ate! He had his share (and then some!) that´s for sure! It was hard to stop eating, they were so good!

Happy birthday, Juan, Nayelly and Cristian!!