Friday, August 31, 2012

Walking from East to West: God in the Shadows

This is a story about an amazing man. Yet it is also everyone's story about belief - how it begins, how it grows, and the struggles associated with it. Walking from East to West is a heartfelt personal story of one man's discovery that God is the author of our destinies, no matter how dark the shadows that hide the light.

Ravi Zacharias has lived an extraordinary life. He has walked with great leaders, slept in the villages and homes of the poor,and crossed continents to bring the good news of the gospel to the world.

Check this book out! You won't regret it! It is Ravi's life story, a deeply personal journey into his past.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Our lucky day

Ken, Esme and I lucked out with two great movies - well, actually three!!

First, Gifted Hands! Wow! The story of the famous neurosurgeon Dr. Carson! It was so good, I had to go find a book about him at the library - enjoyed that too!

Second, The Conspirator. Wow again! What a sad, sad, sad story, based on true events back when President Lincoln was assassinated.

I wasn´t sure what we were getting into, with a title like that, but it was an amazing story. Tear jerker.

Another tear jerker, The First Grader. It reminded me a bit of the movie El Estudiante, about an older man who wanted to go to school. Beautiful story of courage. "Ti´s never too late to dream." I totally agree with that! It is described as uplifting and irresistible, and it is all of that and more! Check it out!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hangin' out at the Hanna's

I've been hangin' out with my kids Ken and Esme Hanna the last while. I haven't taken too many pictures, but here are a few of the fun things we've been doing.

Lots of reading goes on at this house

Papi reading

Abuela reading

Kids reading

Even Enoch, age 18 months, is FASCINATED with books!

Machitos - or is it mashitos??

Not sure, but I haven't tried them - and won't be in the near future!
They are pig meat...
the liver wrapped in intestines - or something!!
Then deep fat fried.

Even Ken wouldn't try them, so don't ask me to!
Our juarense friends loved them!
Finger-lickin' good, they said!

At the airport we saw this fabulous jungle roadster. With all the trimmings. Wow! Looks like fun.

And then we saw the sign!

We've always been big fans, so it was fun to see this!

One Sunday after church, the ladies put on a baby shower for Esme.
She received some wonderful gifts...
We ate delicious frijoles charros, pasta salad, chips, salsa, cake...
And had a great time of fellowship.

Swimming at Elephant Butte,

such fun!

The UNFUN part of our trip was getting Ken's mini van stuck in the sand


Two angels dressed as rednecks pulled us out with their Suburban....

both times!

Breakfast at Cracker Barrel with Abuela Lottie.

She's a very fun and fascinating lady

Thank you, Abuela Lottie!!

A quinceaƱera party

that lasted till 5 AM

We party poopers left at 10:30 

when the fun was just beginning!

And of course some sewing has been going on...

Fixed a quilt that had some issues...

Hemmed some too-long pants for both Ken and Esme...

Fixed a party dress for Maria...that she wears for everyday play!

And cut my robe down for kiddos to DRESS UP in!

I've had that robe since I lived with Kris in Chicago!

I've been looking for a replacement and

Esme gave me one that Ken had gotten for her, but

her being smallish, it's VERY BIG on her!

So, now I will enjoy it!

Thanks, Esme -- and Ken!

Lluvia's scarf is the bottom part of the robe!

Makes a great scarf, don't you think??

And since he was posing so sweetly, I had to snap a photo of Enoch!

He's been very slow to warm up, slower than any other of my grandkids!

But warm up he has!!

Now he crawls on my lap to read...

He hollers Mommy, Mommy to me to point out something of interest...

He SMILES at me!! That one took awhile!

And you know, he's incredibly cute!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Rustlers of West Fork

My hubby Ken introduced me to Louis L'Amour and I've been a fan ever since. I of course hadn't read all of the over 100 of his published books, but I'd say I've read a lot of them! The latest is The Rustlers of West Fork, found on son Ken's bookshelf! Good book! Check it out!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

You go, Chick-Fil-A!!

We did our part to support Chick-Fil-A!! We headed to the mall and joined the HUGE crowd in a very very long line, waiting to order! Wow! Who would have thought! All that negativeness is resulting in Chick-Fil-A making a lot of money today! Here was our experience! What an adventure!

The line ahead of us...

....the line behind us.

The news lady was there - is this intimidation or what?? She did it to the people ahead of this young man, so I decided two can play this game and when she got in this young man's face (notice he's into his game and doesn't even notice her!), I snapped HER picture! She didn't get near me, just passed me by.
I'm not sure why!

We waited a good hour for this yummy meal! Brought it home and enjoyed it!

Summer 2012 update

CAMINO GLOBAL CONVOCATION 2012—The Camino Global Convocation was a tremendous highlight for us and our mission. Not only do we have a new name as a mission, but we have a new leader who was installed in a special ceremony during that memorable week. We met at Rocky Mountain YMCA near Estes Park, Colorado, an incredibly beautiful spot. It was a time of refreshment, fellowship and challenge. One brother from Central America said, “See you all next year!” Considering the amount of work and finances needed for such an event, I don’t believe that will happen! But it was a nice thought!


I’m always dreaming of how to get the family together. This summer it happened and  didn’t even plan it! Suddenly we were all (well, most of us) in Chesterton, IN where my kids Mike and Kris hosted us.
What a wonderful time for cousins to get better acquainted and for all of us to just enjoy each other! It was
just 1 1/2 days together, but as always, I’ll take every minute I can get! Jeff, Jeffery, Jesse and Austin weren’t able to make it, but were busy performing at the Creation Musical Festival. We were all wishing
we could join them!


 A wonderful visit with Evangel Baptist Church in Wheaton
 Reconnecting with friends, family and supporters in the Chicago area
 Awaiting Baby Hanna #5 in El Paso, Texas! Baby is due August 31st. We’re hoping for an early arrival!
 Launch of the new search engine for ObreroFiel. For several months, we have been working long hours to change the search engine of the web page. It is paying off, as now resources are found more quickly and easily! It was worth all those almost sleepless days and nights!
 Would you pray for ObreroFiel? Finances are very tight right now. We are asking the Lord for the funds to continue praying our Mexican staff for 2013. Pray with us!
 My plan is to be back in Mexico by early September. I am trying to spend time each day working on the web page, but even with that, there is always more to do! Pray for ObreroFiel! God is using this ministry in wonderful ways around the world!

Thank you for standing with me in my ministry. Thank you for praying! Thank you for your gifts that make it all possible.