Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Not singin' in the rain --- eatin' in the rain!

Yesterday Paul and Grace Becker and I headed for Amealco, where our Camp Koinonia is located. We went to visit our friends and fellow team members Rich and Sara Musgrave, who are just here for the few weeks of camps, and will be heading back to the States in just a few days. We invited them to eat with us at the Chinese restaurant, which isn't open on Tuesdays, so we found a taco stand instead!

Just off the street, a small stand with a tarp covering two tables and 8 chairs. The atmosphere was amazing! We could see the beautiful trees and bushes planted in the middle of the highway just a few feet from us. A rooster was prancing in front of the stand for all to enjoy (?), and, as we waited for our orders, it started to rain. No, it started to hail! We were getting wet so moved to the table closer to the grill - we still were getting splattered, but it was OK! We were happy to have the rain, we could have done without the hail!

I should have taken some pictures! But who thinks of pictures when a luscious plate of tacos is sitting in front of you??

Thursday, July 21, 2011

More glimpses....

What is it about water that always fascinates kids?

First just a little wet....
Notice that Del isn't sporting any pants.
He already got soaked clear through.

Swimming at the Y was fun, fun, fun. First, Kris and I did the water aerobics, then the kids swam until they were water logged! Their instructor is giving them diving lessons - and she's free!! And she's their mom! We had quite a few bellyflops, but they were definitely having fun!

Can you see why a trip to Target is tons of fun?? The super cart, the popcorn, the coke!! Have you ever tried to push one of those carts when it's full of FOUR KIDS???

Salsa by Josie and helper (Elia)

And panna cotta by Elia! Wow! Was that good! No wonder I came home with a few extra pounds!

Both Elia and Josie are becoming quite the good little cooks! Of course, they have a fabulous teacher!


Sunday, July 17, 2011

50 Years Together

This past weekend daughter Kris and her four kiddos accompanied me to Port Austin, MI where we helped my dear friends Art and Marita Mikesell celebrate their 50 years together. What a happy occasion it was!

Four beautiful daughters singing to Mom and Dad. Felicia, Cindy, MeLinda and Debbie.

The original crew! Art & Marita's pastor and all but one of their attendants when they married.

I'm glad I came all this way to join in the celebration! It's once in a lifetime occasion, full of joy and so wonderful to see all their family together in one place. As Art said to Marita during their vows, we're all looking forward to the next 50 together!

Glimpses of my whirlwind week in Chesterton, IN

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Saturday, July 9, 2011

End of the Spear

You MUST find this book and read it! Seriously! I've seen the DVD, but trust me, the book is a thousand times better!

By way of introduction:

"Steve Saint was only five years old when his father was brutally killed by Waodani warriors, men from the most savage culture ever known. But in a story almost too amazing to be true, Steve eventually comes to know -- and even love -- the very ones who drove the spears into his father's body.

Decades after their lives were changed by learning to walk God's trail, the Waodani asked Steve to return to the jungle with his family to live among them and teach them how to interact with the encroaching outside world. Striving to mesh his two very different worlds, Steve must fact the tragic events of his past and learn to fully trust God through terrible danger, great loss, and remarkable joy."

A fascinating read. And you can find out more about Steve and the business he started called I-Tec (Indigenous People's Technology and Education Center) at The book has a surprising - and very sad - ending, but also a joyful one.

Fiction was never better! Please check out this book. You'll be glad you did!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Remember to.......

Be kinder than necessary because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The World is Bigger Now

This is the story of an American journalist's release from captivity in North Korea.

You've probably heard the story of Euna Lee and Laura Ling who were working on a documentary about the desperate lives of North Koreans fleeing their homeland, when they were apprehended by North Korean soldiers. They were detained for nearly 5 months - I personally did not think they would ever be released, but they were! By a series of miracles. Euna and Laura both received a sentence of 12 years hard labor, but they never began their sentence.

Euna's story is one of faith and love and her own personal conviction that God will sustain and protect us, even in our darkest hour.

Check it out! It's a fascinating REAL LIFE (my favorite kind) story!

Right now I'm reading another REAL LIFE story that's even more exciting than this one! I'll tell you about it when I finish!

Friday, July 1, 2011

San Miguel de Allende

It's been a very long time since I visited San Miguel de Allende. So, when Bethie said she needed to go do some tutoring of Cristina, Rebeca and David Martinez, I couldn't let her go on the bus, but offered to drive her! Alan couldn't go because of prior commitments. It's about an hour away, depending on how fast you drive - it takes me a little longer! We arrived around 4 PM yesterday and our hosts, the Martinez family, was eager to show us their town.

So, off we went downtown. First we visited the cultural center where young people can take all sorts of music lessons, from violin to dance. Rebeca was there to practice with her orchestra group (she plays violin). The scenery was beautiful - below for some pictures. Then, on to the shops! They are beautiful and excruciatingly expensive! Yikes! We did find one shop run by a cute Ecuadorian lady though, who gave us good prices, so of course we bought some great gifts and items we "needed!" A purse and coin purses for me, some adorable backpacks for little granddaughters and a guayabera (shirt) for their baby brother, a cool shirt and purse for Bethie as well as some coin purses. We also visited a little restaurant and had hot chocolate and churros. Delicious!

I took a bunch of pictures, so enjoy!

Who needs a washing machine?
These "lavaderos"are old, but still in use!

We're heading up to that yellow building!
Bethie counted about 87 steps up to that point!

Someone lives here!
I don't know how they got their furniture up there!

Here we are with Cristina Martinez
And from there we went higher....

....and higher
The view of the city was amazing
We didn't quite reach the top...
This was high enough!

Sadly, many of the restaurants were empty,
like this one.
Tourist trade is WAY down
and people are hurting

Oh! Didn't I mention the tacos??
10:30 PM
Our hosts took us for tacos!
These four guys kept very busy
The tacos were scrumptious!

Mr. Martínez in the red and black
Mrs. Martínez in the green sweater
Two of the teens behind Bethie
who is sporting her new purse

Yep, they were good!