Wednesday, November 21, 2012

"I found it almost impossible to put down . . . ." Usually you write that about a good mystery or SciFi or "other." But no! This is a missionary biography, and I agree with Fred Jones of Back to the Bible Broadcast. He also said,

. . . . The book left me with a rare sense of having been in the presence of a real man of God."

On Amazon you can get this book for a mere $168.14!! Or, if you don't like that, it's also available for $211.81! Wow! It's that good! But if you really want it, contact Camino Global (or me!) and I bet it won't cost you that much! (Although I'm not sure it's available!) It's a wonderful book about the beginnings of the missionary work in Guatemala and especially of the beginnings of the Indian work.

I'm now reading Trailblazer for Translators: The Chichicastenango Twelve.  Same author, some of the same subject, not quite as exciting, but very good!

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