Sunday, November 4, 2012

What do you think, Elia?

For the first time it was cold enough today to wear the scarf granddaughter Elia made for me. So, what do you think, Elia? I wore it with a pin and earrings your Grandpa Hanna gave me a long time ago! It worked perfectly!

Several people loved the scarf. "Have her make some more, you bring them to Mexico, and we'll buy them!" Hey! You could go into business!!

Wait! I stand corrected! It was Elia´s Mama, Kris, not Elia who made this beautiful scarf! But someday Elia will be making them, right??


Kris Livovich said...

Elia loves it! Although she says, "I don't knit, I sew! Now I have to sew Abuela something!"

Sorry, it was Elia's mama who made that for you! I just learned how to make hats so I'll have to make you a matching one. Don't hold your breath though, there's a long waiting list of people wanting knitted things....

Beth Hanna said...

Yes, after writing that I got thinking that it was probably YOU who made the scarf! Well, Elia can sew me anything anytime! We´ll have to work more on sewing when I visit. And THANK YOU again for the beautiful scarf!